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Who We Are

Welcome to Our Blog! Power Point3 Inc. is an International Business Development Firm Specializing in Branding, Marketing, Public Relations and Creative Design. Founded in 1990, PP3 has been leading businesses to the pinnacle of growth and profitability with innovative, proven systems to POWERshift your rate of success exponentially. Power Point3 Inc. has been transparently but effectively working in the background with the intent to expand the economic growth and profitability of our clients while carving out a legacy of service and value in the marketplace, within the corporate culture and in the economy. Our firm has chosen to apply our talent, skills, experience, wisdom and profit systems to boost results. We believe that opportunities are abundant and ever-expanding. We believe that by uncovering, recognizing and implementing strategies for aggressive business development, we can collectively begin to positively impact the prevailing economic challenges here and abroad. This is something we are totally passionate about. PP3 is committed to business leaders, entrepreneurs and humanitarian initiatives who are steadfastly determined to achieve the greatest results and serve the many. Welcome to a new realm where anything is possible. . .if you envision it, you can achieve it. Jewel McKeon President & Founder Power Point 3 Inc. An International Business Development Firm Specializing in Branding, PR & Design 2004 National Business Woman of the Year 2003 Florida Business Woman of the Year 2002 Top 100 Tampa Bay Business Woman 2002 Woman on the Way Office: 800.515.9422